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My name is Flow Nash. I am the founder of Feet4Eyes – an evolving body of work intended as a direct confrontation with the Anthropocene, caused by patriarchy.

Patriarchy is genderless, and confronting such is not about hating men. Patriarchy is an imbalance of the mind over the senses, causing harm to oneself or another living being for the sake of ideology or ideas. 

I see this imbalance as  a self-destructive illness, upon which a whole societal structure is based, causing immense trauma.

This is the source of an ungrounded society – as it is not within our instinct to harm ourselves, nor is it to be isolated from one-another.

My desire, and what I wish to accomplish with this work, is to take us back to our root: whereupon there is community, a sense of inner security and stability.

I wish to make visible the outdated mental structures that each and every one of us has built, that are not in-keeping with one’s own truth. I wish to challenge outdated value systems that are not serving our genuine desires, our best interest or our health. I wish to subvert social norms, acting as a mirror for the collective shadow (or the collective unconscious) of the society in which I live. I wish to make ourselves visible.

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